Energy Storage

Solar plus storage is utilized for multiple types of energy solutions. Energy storage is used for backup power when the electric grid is down, but can also be incorporated while the electric grid is operating. In this way the batteries provide relief to the electric grid during high electric demand times and manage utility charges that increase during peak times. Energy storage is also used when no utility transmission lines are available and batteries are utilized off grid. Battery storage is a necessary part of a 100% renewable energy future.


BackUp Power

Hurricanes and winter storms cause power outages in Connecticut. In the event of a power outage critical loads can be energized with a battery backup system.


Utility Management

Utility rates fluctuate based on the highest electric demand in a month. We can identify the usage patterns and design a battery system that turns on at the high demand times to reduce energy costs.

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Off Grid

Islands and remote locations rely on solar battery based systems for energy needs.