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  • Concealed non penetrating combiner pipe run.  Conduit carry's main DC string circuits to inverter.

  • Non penetrating pipe support.

  • 42 kW SMA Sunny Tower.  Six 7000US inverters.

    Utility Inspection

  • United Church of Chester goes solar using Waldo Renewable Electric, LLC.

  • 27,495 watts

    Farmington, CT

  • Wind guard - improves resistance to wind uplift.

    Farmington, CT

  • Grid tied pv system designed and installed by Waldo Renewable Electric, LLC.

  • This view shows the backside of the panels.  Notice our neat and NEC code compliant bonding wiring methods.

    Solar Installation Farmington, CT

  • Commercial electrical run.

    CT solar installation by Waldo Renewable Electric, LLC

  • Nine rows of 13 solar panels.  String sizing made simple.

    Designed by Waldo Renewable Electric, LLC

  • 75 KW ground mounted system.  If roof space is limited or not an ideal solar design a ground mounted system can also offset electricity consumption.

    Wired by Waldo Renewable Electric, LLC

    Tolland, CT

  • Satcon Powergate 50 kW - installed with monitoring system for customer lobby display.

    Installed using our own in house electricians.

  • Solar panels can generate electricity on low light days.


  • Hole in the Wall Beach office, maintenance, restroom facilities

    Town of East Lyme, CT

  • Fully ballasted non penetrating solar array completely installed by Waldo Renewable Electric, LLC

  • Eastern Fabrications, Branford, CT

  • PV system is leased with a Power Purchase Agreement.


  • Fully ballasted flat roof solar installation.

    Madison, CT

  • Flat roof - ballasted mounting system - 7.5 degree solar panel pitch.

  • String combining circuitry pipe run.